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Baquer Zaidi is one of those outstanding contemporary poets who write in different forms of Urdu poetry to get their idea across. Though he started poetry late in his life, all his works are perfect and worthy of praise. He has a rich collection of Urdu literature which promoted the Urdu language and will continue to benefit for years to come.

بعض شاعروں کو ایک مدّت تک پڑھنے اور سننے کے بعد بھی یہ احساس رہتا ہے کے سنِ بلوغت کی طرف ان کا سفر ابھی جاری ہے. مگر باقر زیدی کی شاعری کا آغاز ہی سنِ بلوغ کا حسن و جمال اپنے اندر سموۓ ہوۓ تھا

شہاب کاظمی
(M.A Urdu Literature )

It is Baquer Zaidi’s beautiful word choice, his elevated thoughts and his profound observations which let him create excellent pieces of prose. His poetry not only affects the heart but also forces the human mind in a thoughtful process. This was the reason that his first book, Lazzat-e-Guftar, won the best book of the year prize by Urdu Markaz International USA. Additionally, "Furat-e-Sukhn", the book of his Marsias was praised with Husn-e-Sukhn award by Aasar-o-Afkar Academy, Karachi.

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